Find and Share Emergency Digital Signage Solution providers that offer a robust solution set including digital signage software, screens and displays, media player devices, content creation, network managed services, installation, and maintenance. Find a provider that helps you take the guesswork out of planning and developing your emergency digital signage initiative.


Find and Share Emergency Digital Signage Solution providers that offer a robust solution set including digital signage software, screens and displays, media player devices, content creation, network managed services, installation, and maintenance. Find a provider that helps you take the guesswork out of planning and developing your emergency digital signage initiative. is here to help you find and share an emergency digital signage innovator and solution provider. Find digital signage products and services that significantly reduce the effort and expense of deploying and operating OOH networks while maximizing viewer impact.

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Getting Started with the Connections Mobile App

The Connections Mobile application is available on mobile devices and on computers. The app itself is currently only available for iOS, with an Android app still in development. Android devices can still access the Connections Mobile interface, but until the app version is released, access the app the same way as on a computer.


To get started with Connections Mobile on Apple mobile devices, go to the App Store and search for msgnet to find our app, which will have the MessageNet logo as its icon. Download and then open the app on your device. When prompted, enter your MessageNet server's IP (or node name), and select whether it uses HTTPS or not. If you do not know those details, then you should contact your MessageNet system's administrator before continuing.

IMPORTANT CONNECTIVITY NOTE: If your server is only accessible on your organization's local area network, then you will only be able to access it while connected to a Wi-Fi network that has access to that LAN. If you desire being able to remotely connect to your MessageNet system, then you will need to make sure your network provides an external port forwarding for port 80 to your MessageNet server; in which case, you would just configure your app with whatever external IP or domain name is applicable.

Once the App successfully connects to your network, youll be prompted to enter your MessageNet log in information. If your system allows it, the app can use automatic log in after youve logged in for the first time. The system administrator would need to set this up if its allowable without your organizations security requirements.


The Connections Mobile App isnt yet available for Android devices, but the Connections Mobile interface can be reached on any web browser just like on a computer. To open the Connections Mobile interface, open a web browser on your device and log in to MessageNet Connections the same way you would on a computer just click the Connections Mobile button to log into the Mobile interface. Keep in mind that if youre outside the network on which the MessageNet server resides, depending on your organizations network and security settings, you may need to use an external IP address to access Connections Mobile. Consult your on-site MessageNet system administrator for more information if necessary.


You can access Connections Mobile the same way you can access the Connections Administrative Interface. Go to any web browser and enter the MessageNet servers IP address into the browser bar. Click on the MessageNet logo to open the log in window (you may need to allow pop ups for the site) and enter your user name and password (if you are a new MessageNet user and dont have these yet, consult your on-site MessageNet system administrator). Click on Connections Mobile to open the mobile app.

Connections Mobile is the same a

PA Needs to Be Both Audio and Visual

In emergency situations, audio PA alone often isnt enough to convey emergency communications to those who need it. For example, in the recent tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, one of the first acts done by the shooter was to pull the fire alarm, which caused many students and teachers to believe that there was a fire drill and leave their classrooms before a code red lockdown could be enacted. Fire alarms, by design, are extremely loud the alarm could effectively nullify any attempt to communicate via audio PA. In addition, many types of emergencies could render a substantial portion of the victims at least temporarily deaf, also rendering audio communications futile.

To most effectively communicate during an emergency, audio/visual PA would provide both the audio announcement but also a text announcement that would reach people unable to hear the audio for any reason. In addition, text announcements can continue scrolling, preventing people from missing important information. Its also easier with text announcements to provide different instructions to different locations without the other messages interfering and the message getting muddled or misunderstood.

Even in situations where everyone is able to hear clearly, having additional sources of communication is essential. An audio announcement alone could result in missed information if people were not paying attention quickly enough. Also, any single source of communication could see people seeking corroboration from another source. Audio/Visual PA provides two sources of communication in one and ensures that messages and information reach people in an emergency even in extremely loud environments.

How to Save Messages to Connections Mobile

There are two ways to save a message to your Connections Mobile app. If you have access to the Message Editor for a particular message, there is a Mobilize button at the top of the screen. Click that button to save the message to your mobile app. Note: some users may not have access to the message editor to use this method.

Mobilize Button

The second option is available to all users who have permission to launch messages. To save a message to the app, navigate to the Message Directory in which your message is saved and then right-click on the message name. A message will pop up for you to click that reads Add to Connections Mobile.

Add to Connections Mobile

All messages added to the Connections Mobile app will appear in your DropBox and will need to be moved to a different section before they can be used or edited.

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TOROCMS is a powerful and flexible web-based content management system that is easy to use. TOROCMS lets non-technical people create and maintain website content using only a web browser. TOROCMS offers a rich set of capabilities for public websites, private intranets and collaborative workspaces.

This demo website will allow you to experience the overall look and feel of TOROCMS and its easy-to-use functions and features. This site has some customization to give you an idea of TOROCMS's capabilities.

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